Common User Facility

The Common User Facility is a national strategic asset owned and operated by the Government of South Australia. The facility is spread over eight hectares at the heart of Techport Australia, and will play a key role in assisting ASC to build the state-of-the-art Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs). It will also support the delivery of future naval projects such as assembly of the next generation of submarines.

The Common User Facility provides flexible access to a range of companies, contractors and sub-contractors and a range of projects in addition to the AWD project. It is also capable of supporting multiple projects concurrently.


Techport Australia features world-class common user shipbuilding facilities including a wharf, runway, dry berth, transfer system and the largest shiplift in the Southern hemisphere.

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Technical information

The Common User Facility is committed to delivering the highest service standards for its customers.

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Commercial use

The Common User Facility is available for commercial use where capacity permits.

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Consultancy services

The Common User Facility offers specialised consultancy services in dockyard design, operation and maintenance, shiplift and ship transfer systems design, operation and maintenance, and docking services.

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Site induction

All contractors must successfully complete an online induction prior to working at the Common User Facility. The induction overview’s the work site, key safety policies, emergency procedures, facility rules and other important information.

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Future expansion

The Common User Facility is capable of expansion to meet future demand.

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