The Common User Facility consists of three key areas:


The fully serviced wharf is 213 metres long and 25 metres wide. It can support heavy load equipment and is capable of servicing an AWD vessel through:

  • final outfitting 
  • test and activation 
  • harbour trials 
  • sea trials 
  • maintenance and repair activities. 


The shiplift is the largest in the southern hemisphere, capable of supporting a vessel up to 9,300 tonnes. At 156 metres long and 34 metres wide, it descends 18 metres into the water to launch ships.

The shiplift's design incorporates the potential to expand to 210 metres with a 22,000 tonne lifting capacity.

Runway and dry berth

The runway - with embedded and separate dry berth - can support the consolidation of two AWDs concurrently. The runway and dry berth are supported by a rail-based transfer system that enables vessel movement both around the site and onto the shiplift.

The runway and dry berth are fully serviced via an underground service duct. This duct is over 700 metres long and contains:

  • high voltage electricity 
  • potable water 
  • seawater 
  • fire services 
  • communications 
  • compressed air.

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